Keeping it simple for now...

If you have made it this far, you are probably among one of the many who have been fighting beside us for years and already know what I'm doing... same thing, different email address and web domain... tired of being burnt and loosing people and opportunity due to Facebook association games and pc bs. I don't know who's on my lists, and who likes what or who, and we can't afford another blow by association. period. Nor will I let anyone suffer by being associated with me. I'm NOT everyone's cup of tea, I get it. At least I'm honest.

So if you are here of your own free will, know who we are and are at MINIMUM willing to tolerate an email from us once in a while when we need help on a project, information on your projects, and/or you just might want to jump in on something, leave us your addy, check things out and lets get this done.

I may be a bit slow, but you know it’s comin. <3

We Could REALLY Use Help Building the New Facebook Page <3

I am a helper of humans (have my own group/site)
I would be interested in advertising on this site.
Art Against Apathy
possible travel film crew or travel coordination
I'd be willing to share posts here n there
I can be available to answer simple tech/business questions for kelly or ross only.

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