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Together May We 4Ever Be The Light Within The Dark

To say it's been all joy and laughter... well that would be a lie, but if it weren't for all the love we'd have never survived the hell and that's as real as it gets. The greatest love we have found is of our God and He's not done with us yet. Today this is where we begin.

Purge and Prep


Part of it is wanting to live in a van down by the river with the man i love, part of it is being mobile and ready and able to serve in a crisis, part of it is just plain freedom... Ghost hunting and meeting angels n things, so...  It's all got to go. Yes, even some of The Walking Dead stuff.

Organize and Rebuild


If you are here you already know... this is what it's all about. Whether I'm on the road or not, i have to fill my time, my mind... for now until i get wordpress refigured out, PLEASE join the new facebook page, watch for groups, and if you really love me, leave me your email addy <3 

Just Breathe!!


I believe. I don't care if you don't. I'm not going to ask you to. But i'm not going to be ashamed or live by your religous rules anymore. I have to do what I think is right and im not to sure how much weight i put into tradition cuz me n God, we real yo. And in that i'm safe. 

2Day 4U 2Morrow 4 ME!!

What do I really want 2morrow to be for me?

Better than today... 

I'm not sure what its going to take, but I know it always starts with our hardcore no more victims family... Without you, we don't exist... 


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LogiK on NMV2


Though he be gone, his words, OUR dream, THE mission... May it live on forever in every thing we do, everywhere we go and touch everyone we meet. 

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